We are thrilled to announce that Safe Schools is one of the fortunate recipients of the grant provided by The Children’s Trust, aimed at strengthening small Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) over the next two years. With an astounding commitment of almost $1.2 million to support 16 small CBOs, The Children’s Trust has displayed an unwavering dedication to nurture community services and enhance their capacity.

Safe Schools appreciates The Children’s Trust’s recognition of the pivotal role played by small CBOs in addressing community needs. Through this generous grant, we are poised to acquire the necessary skills and resources to deliver top-quality services, implement sound management strategies, and boost community engagement.

This capacity-building initiative will substantially enable us to grow, increase our service quality, and elevate our community impact. The Pontis Group and the Trust Academy, renowned for their professional development programs, will spearhead this initiative, providing us with a golden opportunity to learn and grow.

Specifically, the grant will empower us to strengthen our infrastructure, cultivate our staff, volunteers and boards, and upgrade our administrative functioning. This support is invaluable to us, allowing us to expand our reach and positively influence more lives than ever before.

This award marks Safe Schools’ entry into the prestigious group of small CBOs involved in the capacity-building initiative, an effort that has already proven successful with previous participants. We are eager to apply the lessons learned from this endeavor to our Youth Development programs and continue our meaningful work in the community.

Our heartfelt thanks to The Children’s Trust for this opportunity to expand our scope and impact. This grant will enable us to continue our vital work, ensuring safer schools and brighter futures for children and families throughout Miami-Dade County.

Warm Regards,

The Safe Schools Team