SafeSafe Schools South Florida is the only organization in South Florida comprised of education professionals committed to training other education professionals and school staff, youth service provider agencies, parents/guardians, families, and communities how to create safer schools and communities where all students can learn and thrive. Safe Schools South Florida — now in its 21st year of service —

  • Empowers students through GSA (Gay/Straight Alliance) leadership training and diversity conferences.

  • Trains educators to recognize, intervene and prevent bullying of LGBTQ youth — real or perceived — and bullying of all students.

  • Educates parents/guardians, students, educators and the community through its SpeakOUT Speakers Bureau.

  • Monitors our successes and refines our programs to be sure they are helping us achieve our mission.

Safe Schools South Florida is the South Florida Regional Partner with the National GSA (Gay/Straight Alliance) Network

“I feel I will be better equipped to handle questions regarding sexuality
issues — much better and more comfortably.”

elementary school teacher

“As a guidance counselor, I can use this [information] daily with staff,
students, and family conversations/lessons.”

high school guidance counselor

“I found the seminar to be very informative and thought-provoking related to issues that have been heretofore taboo in our society. Definitely more open discussion needs to be initiated to increase both our level of understanding and tolerance.”

middle school counselor

“I found this seminar to be very informative. I really would like to see more workshops that are this effective and with a great value such as this one. I feel that I learned some wonderful techniques while I attended this workshop.”

middle school career specialist