Hello Queer Fam,

Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to explore, connect, and celebrate your identity with friends and chosen families. Here are eight easy, accessible, and fun ways to “queer up” your summer:

  1. Organize a Pride Picnic: A Pride Picnic is a fun way to celebrate queer culture and community. Everyone can bring a dish, preferably inspired by a queer icon or historical event, creating an opportunity for education alongside celebration. Dress in pride colors, play queer music and enjoy the shared stories and sense of belonging.
  2. DIY Pride Merchandise: There’s something satisfying about creating your own Pride memorabilia. DIY merchandise is a personal and creative way to show your pride, from tie-dye shirts in pride colors to homemade badges with your preferred pronouns or a meaningful slogan. You can even host a crafting party with your friends.
  3. Join or Start a Queer Book Club: Reading and discussing literature with LGBTQ+ themes can be a transformative experience. Explore diverse stories, engage in enlightening discussions, and connect with your queer and ally friends. If there’s no book club nearby, why not start your own?
  4. Watch Queer Cinema Under the Stars: Organize an outdoor movie night featuring LGBTQ+ films. Choose classics or recent releases that center queer characters and narratives. It’s a fun way to honor our history, explore different identities, and generate insightful discussions.
  5. Virtual Pride Parade: If there isn’t a local Pride Parade, or if accessibility is an issue, consider hosting a Virtual Pride Parade. Participants can showcase their decorated spaces or custom avatars and enjoy performances or speeches over a video call. This is also an excellent option for those not yet out or comfortable attending in person.
  6. Volunteer Together: Join local or online organizations that advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. Volunteering your time is a meaningful way to connect with your community, work towards equality, and make new friends. Check out options like queer-friendly food banks, LGBTQ+ hotlines, or even online tutoring for younger queer folks.
  7. Host a Queer History Trivia Night: Knowledge is power, and learning about queer history can be both empowering and entertaining. Turn this educational journey into a game night by hosting a trivia event. This is a fantastic way to honor the trailblazers of our community and reinforce our shared identity.
  8. Organize a Queer Talent Show: Let everyone’s unique talent shine at a queer talent show. Singing, dancing, spoken word, magic tricks – everything goes. This is a beautiful celebration of the diversity and creativity within our community. It’s all about self-expression, support, and, most importantly, fun.

Summer is a season of liberation and self-expression. These activities can bring a fun queer twist to traditional summer events, offering an opportunity to celebrate and educate, strengthening the bonds within our community. Enjoy your “queered up” summer, and remember to spread the love!

Peace and Pride,

The Safe Schools Team

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