Hey there, Rainbow Warrior! 🌟

Join us for Episode 3, Segment 1 of 🌟 Safe Schools: The Rainbow Roundtable 🌟, where we dive into the vibrant journey of LGBTQ+ History Month! 🎉 From its humble beginnings to becoming a global beacon of pride, resilience, and solidarity, we explore the pivotal moments that have shaped our community. 🌈💪

Discover the roots of this significant celebration, initiated by Rodney Wilson, and learn why October holds such importance for us. 🍂📚 Stand with us as we honor our heroes, from the marches for gay rights to remembering the life of Matthew Shepard. 💜

Let’s delve into the movement’s history together, spotlight our role models, and draw strength from our shared stories. 🌟 Whether you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community or an ally, this episode is a must-watch! 📺

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