As we continue to recognize Pride Month, this week, we will explore an exciting intersection: the queer experience and faith, specifically through the lens of black liberation theology and queer liberation studies. This confluence compels us to celebrate Juneteenth as a historical moment and as a symbol of liberation.

Black liberation theology, rooted in the struggles and experiences of Black Americans, interprets the Christian message as a message of freedom from systemic and personal oppression. Queer liberation studies, meanwhile, draws on diverse disciplines to challenge normative assumptions about gender and sexuality, seeking the liberation of queer individuals from societal prejudices and structural discrimination.

Today, we commemorate Juneteenth, the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. Its federal recognition solidifies its importance in black history and our collective American history. As we mark this day, let’s remember that liberation is not a singular event but an ongoing journey toward justice and equality.

The intersection of Juneteenth, queer liberation, and black theology offers us a rich tapestry of resistance and resilience. It beckons the queer community, and indeed all communities, to not only celebrate the gains made but also to continue working towards an inclusive future. It is a reminder that the spirit of Juneteenth, the spirit of liberation, is universal.

Today, we proudly declare, “liberation today, iberation tomorrow, liberation forever!” This statement affirms our commitment to the ongoing struggle for freedom in all its forms.

As we celebrate, let’s remember: our liberation is tied to the liberation of others. To truly honor Juneteenth, we must actively and intentionally work towards a society that uplifts and values all marginalized communities. Celebrate. Educate. Advocate. Let these be our guiding principles as we strive for a world where all are truly free.

By: Harold Marrero
Chief Operating Officer

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