When Will It Stop? A Personal Reflection On Florida’s Anti-Trans Legislation

When will it stop? These targeted attacks against our transgender siblings are blatant discriminatory actions by a government that should represent all its people. There’s a significant point to be made about the psychology of those who use the most marginalized and vulnerable in our community as political tools to appease a segment of society that seems out of touch with reality. This is a form of spiritual warfare affecting all aspects of our society. The issue is neither religious—despite some claiming their actions are based on a singular interpretation of the Christian faith—nor scientific, as there are no peer-reviewed statements justifying prejudice against our trans siblings. What is happening in Florida is unequivocally wrong and represents a commitment to acts of psychological violence against a frequently misunderstood community, which too often bears the collective anxiety of our ever-expanding rainbow alphabet.

Perhaps what makes being trans seem dangerous to some is exactly what makes our trans siblings beautiful: living a life in the fullness of their authentic selves. For those living inauthentically, regardless of their self-labeling, trans individuals represent a threat. To be trans is to step into the world and proudly declare, “This is who I am. This is me,” regardless of any document or societal expectations based on false binaries of sex and gender. To be trans is to navigate a perilous world, facing those whose envy seeks to control, attack, and sometimes kill, the vibrant light of authenticity shining from the souls of our transgender siblings. Trans signifies liberation, existing simply as the person one sees in the mirror, reflecting the divine nature within with no reservations so that others might find their liberating light as well.

This relentless attack by forces of the false self is perhaps because embracing and acknowledging those living in full authenticity shines a light into the hearts of those in darkness, presenting a choice: to join in the light or retreat further into darkness, deeper into the despair of hate and prejudice. Being trans is an act of courage, rejecting the world as it is in favor of the world as it feels inside. This courage to live freely in the face of oppression, boldly stepping into the world as oneself rather than succumbing to societal expectations and imposed traumas, is contagious. It resonates with those longing to step into the light of their authentic self.

In response to the false self manifested in recent laws from Florida, I choose to stand with my trans siblings not as defiance but as a testament to my faith, my belief that we are all unique expressions of the divine, each representing a small part of the larger mosaic that is the Universe alive through us. When we collectively confront these targeted attacks with unity, courage, and support, these attacks will stop, for we will have put a stop to them. I therefore encourage all who are reading to find the courage to stand with our trans siblings, not just because they are under attack, but because it is the right thing to do. History has never looked favorably on blatant attacks on marginalized groups as we see today. The future is unfolding before us, and we now face a choice of where we will stand when future generations look back to guide their own paths. Let’s choose to stand on the side of love over hate, courage over cowardice, and remain faithful to the power of possibility that exists when we all embrace authenticity over the false self.

By: Harold Marrero
Chief Operating Officer

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