Exciting news for all our supporters and champions of inclusivity! Safe Schools’ Rainbow Roundtable is making its much-anticipated return, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Today, we took the first step into this journey by filming the inaugural episode of our brand-new 12-part educational series.

This year-long series isn’t just another set of episodes – it’s an expedition into the emerging issues that touch students, teachers, and parents. We delve deep into today’s hot topics, deciphering and demystifying them to build bridges and spark conversations.

But that’s not all! Our mission extends beyond just discussing issues. We’re in the business of creating tangible tools and resources. These will empower all of us to cultivate environments where every individual feels seen, heard, and, most importantly, loved.

So, if you’re passionate about fostering an inclusive future where acceptance and love reign supreme, stay tuned. This series promises to inspire, educate, and transform.

Join us on this incredible journey and be a part of the change! 🌈

Warm Regards,

The Safe Schools Team