The Rainbow Report – Safe Schools TV: Expanding Horizons and Empowering LGBTQ+ Youth 🌈

As we turn the page into 2024, Safe Schools TV continues its commitment to providing engaging, educational, and supportive content for LGBTQ+ youth, parents, and educators. Last year marked a significant leap in our journey, with the successful launch of shows like “Tiffany Explains It All,” “The Tea With Eddie,” and “Queer History 101,” along with our collaborative effort in producing “Rainbow Roundtable” with Happening Out Television Network. These initiatives, coupled with our vibrant coverage of South Florida’s Pride events and rallies, have established a robust foundation for what we promise will be an even more exciting year ahead.

What’s Coming in 2024?

  • Continued Successes: We’re thrilled to announce the return of the second seasons for “Tiffany Explains It All,” “The Tea With Eddie,” and “Queer History 101.” These shows have captivated our audience and have been instrumental in educating and empowering our community.
  • More “Rainbow Roundtables:” Our partnership with Happening Out Television Network continues to flourish, and we will be bringing even more diverse and thought-provoking discussions through “Rainbow Roundtable,” touching upon issues that resonate deeply within the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Introducing “Taboo Talk:” In our most ambitious project yet, we are launching a new student-written and produced show, “Taboo Talk.” This groundbreaking series, produced and hosted by Miami Dade Public School student David, delves into complex conversations around topics such as sexual education, healthy relationships, safe sex, LGBTQ+ inclusivity, cultural sensitivity in sexual education, online safety, and HIV/AIDS awareness. What sets “Taboo Talk” apart is its focus on presenting these discussions from an age-appropriate perspective that aligns with the cultural norms and values prevalent in South Florida’s Hispanic community.
  • Enhanced Focus on HIV/AIDS: Aligning with the global commitment to end HIV in the 21st century, we’re dedicating a significant portion of our programming to HIV/AIDS education and awareness. This initiative reflects our unwavering support for health and well-being in the LGBTQ+ community.

A Token of Gratitude
Your support has been the cornerstone of our success. To show our appreciation, we are excited to offer you an exclusive first look at the HIV/AIDS episode of “Taboo Talk,” set to air in February across all our digital platforms. This is just a glimpse of the student-driven content we’re passionate about producing as we continue our mission to educate and empower LGBTQ+ youth globally.

Looking Ahead
The journey ahead is filled with promise. With a blend of new shows, podcasts, and continued popular series, Safe Schools TV is set to break new ground in 2024. Your time, talent, and contributions have brought us this far; together, we’re poised to reach even greater heights. Stay tuned – there’s much more to come, and we’re excited to have you with us every step of the way.

Together, let’s make 2024 a year of learning, empowerment, and pride.

By: Harold Marrero
Chief Operating Officer

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