The Rainbow Report – Safe Schools Celebrates a Beacon of Hope in Palm Beach County! 🌈

Safe Schools fervently applauds the recent bold step taken by the Palm Beach County School Board. Their unanimous resolution to declare October as ‘LGBTQ+ History Month’ resonates as a beacon of hope, not only for the LGBTQ+ youth in Florida but for the entire world. It is a testament to the importance of inclusivity and a significant stride towards recognizing the LGBTQ+ community’s invaluable place in history and society.

In stark contrast, nearby counties like Miami-Dade and Broward have experienced tumultuous paths in their attempt to pass similar resolutions. These counties faced intense debates, partisan divisions, and community clashes, painting a picture of the broader struggle around LGBTQ+ recognition. Some of this resistance was fueled by recent state legislation posing challenges to the LGBTQ+ community, including restrictions around pronouns and gender-affirming care. These measures are emblematic of government overreach and the insidious influences of toxic theology in our pluralistic society.

Yet, the unyielding spirit and resilience of the community shine through. And while the path isn’t always easy, the overwhelming support witnessed in Palm Beach County’s decision, underscored by powerful personal narratives and journeys within the LGBTQ+ community, showcases the dire need for such recognition.

We at Safe Schools ardently hope that Miami-Dade and other school boards across the nation can look to Palm Beach County’s decision as an example. It is a powerful reminder of what will historically be remembered as the right thing to do in these challenging times. Let us continually push towards a world where inclusivity isn’t the exception but the norm, where every student feels seen, recognized, and celebrated for who they truly are.


By: Harold Marrero
Chief Operating Officer

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