The journey toward equality is like navigating a vast ocean. The LGBTQ+ community has seen many waves of change, some tumultuous and violent, others calm and peaceful, but all significant in shaping the world as we know it today. Every step we take in our collective journey leaves an indelible mark on the sands of time, forever altering the course of human history. So let’s explore some of these stepping stones, the significant events of July that have influenced the path of queer history around the globe.

July 2, 1961: Illinois Decriminalizes Homosexuality

In the annals of American history, Illinois holds a unique place as the first U.S. state to decriminalize homosexuality by repealing archaic sodomy laws. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of a long and ongoing journey toward equality and acceptance, setting a precedent for other states to follow.

July 1, 1972: First Pride Parade in the United Kingdom

Marking an era of defiance and a call for recognition, the first Pride Parade in the U.K. occurred. Organized by the Gay Liberation Front, this event brought the spirit of the Stonewall riots of 1969 across the pond, creating a platform for visibility and giving voice to the silenced.

July 5, 1981: First report of AIDS epidemic

The AIDS epidemic left a deep and tragic scar on the LGBTQ+ community. The first mainstream report on this public health crisis was published by The New York Times, igniting a period of fear and discrimination but also one of unity, resilience, and activism that would fundamentally change the fight for LGBTQ+ rights.

July 20, 2005: Same-sex marriage is legalized in Canada

The enactment of Canada’s Civil Marriage Act marked a historic victory in the fight for equal rights. It extended the legal recognition of marriage to same-sex couples, reinforcing the country’s stance on human rights and setting an example for others to follow.

July 9, 2010: Argentina Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

Breaking through societal barriers, Argentina became the first Latin American country to legalize same-sex marriage. This transformative legislation positioned Argentina at the forefront of LGBTQ+ rights within the region, marking a significant shift in cultural and societal norms.

July 17, 2013: Same-Sex Marriage Legalized in England and Wales

With royal assent given to the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Bill, same-sex marriage was legalized in England and Wales. This landmark decision underscored the nation’s commitment to equality and demonstrated the transformative power of legal frameworks in promoting human rights.

July 26, 2015: Boy Scouts of America Lifts Ban on Gay Leaders

In an organization known for its influence on the leaders of tomorrow, the Boy Scouts of America lifted their blanket ban on gay adult leaders. This progressive shift signaled a broader societal acceptance of diverse sexual orientations in roles of influence and mentorship, helping to shape a more inclusive future.

July 10, 2018: India’s Supreme Court Challenges Section 377

Emerging from the vestiges of colonial rule, India’s Supreme Court took a stand against Section 377, an archaic law criminalizing homosexuality. The ensuing legal battle led to a monumental decision in September 2018, decriminalizing homosexuality and marking a significant victory for LGBTQ+ rights in the world’s second-most populous country.

Discovering Our Past, Shaping Our Future

As we chart the course of queer history, we see the stepping stones we have crossed and recognize the vast ocean still before us. Each wave, each stone, and each stride forward is part of a collective journey toward equality and acceptance. We owe it to ourselves, the trailblazers of the past, and future generations to remember these significant moments and continue our march forward. Let’s cherish these July memories as reminders of how far we’ve come and as inspiration for the distance we have yet to travel.

By: Harold Marrero
Chief Operating Officer

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