This past week, state legislators in Tallahassee submitted several bill proposals which strike at the humanity of the children Safe Schools South Florida (SSSF) has pledged to empower. The bills, if enacted into law, would infringe upon the human rights of millions of children, parents, and families across Florida.

One bill would imprison for up-to-15 years any doctor who provides hormone therapy or performs sex changes to transgender youth. Another is a preemption bill that would reverse acts taken by local cities to prohibit “gay conversion therapy.”  It could also be used to strike down already-established protections for LGBTQ employees. SSSF condemns such proposals in the strongest terms possible.  Our children deserve to live a life free from persecution.  They deserve to live in dignity, free to be as they understand themselves to be.

The bills were submitted by Republican legislators with moments to spare before the legislative filing deadline.  Since the bills were each filed with companion legislation in both the House and Senate, they would go before full votes of the Legislature if they get out of Committee and have full potential to become law.

We are absolutely aghast that, in the year 2020, elected leaders are taking such aggressive measures against our LGBTQ youth and adults. We have fought for decades to protect our children and advance their rights.  We will not allow their well-being to be threatened in such a fashion.

SSSF pledges to stand with strength and determination to defeat these measures. Our kids and families deserve unconditional love, respect, and protection.

Scott Galvin
Executive Director
Safe Schools South Florida