Hey there, Rainbow Warrior! 🌟

Safe Schools Rainbow Roundtable Ep.1 Segment 1 | Digital Odyssey: Tracing Misinformation’s Roots 🚀

Dive into the vibrant and ever-evolving world of the internet with us, as we uncover its double-edged sword nature. From a beacon of optimism and unity to a hotbed for misinformation, the digital realm has had quite the journey! 🌐💡

This segment from the Safe Schools Rainbow Roundtable will transport you back in time, exploring the early days of chain emails to the sophisticated digital labyrinths of today. Are we simply passive receivers, or can we actively navigate and discern the truths from the tales?

Equip yourself with the knowledge and join the conversation on the significance of media literacy for the queer youth of today. 🌟💖