Every May 18, Haitians around the globe unfurl blue and red, symbolizing their shared heritage and pride on Haitian Flag Day. Today, let’s explore this celebration through a kaleidoscope – from the vibrant queer perspective.

Haitian Flag Day originated to commemorate the day in 1803 when Jean-Jacques Dessalines ripped the white section from the French flag, blending the remaining blue and red sections. This audacious act echoed a message of unyielding resilience, a testament to Haiti’s unique history as the first Black republic worldwide and the second independent country in the Americas.

Much like the Haitian fight for emancipation, the LGBTQ+ community is no stranger to struggles for recognition, acceptance, and equal rights. We find parallels in our journeys, sewn together with threads of resilience and the quest for self-determination. The blue and red of the Haitian flag not only reflect the unity of blacks and mulattoes, but through our queer lens, a global unity where every hue of human identity deserves respect and recognition.

It’s important to acknowledge the ongoing fight for LGBTQ+ rights in Haiti. Queer Haitians continue to work towards Queer Liberation despite societal resistance, echoing Dessalines’ indomitable spirit. They’re challenging the norms, ripping apart the fabric of heteronormativity, and fearlessly weaving their own narratives into Haiti’s vibrant cultural tapestry. The power of this courage is immense, a reflection of the country’s revolutionary past.

As members of a global queer community, it is vital that we support and lift each other, cultivating safe spaces for our voices to thrive. Just as Dessalines took the French flag and created a symbol of Haitian pride and independence, we, too, must take the societal standards given to us and reconstruct them to be inclusive and representative of our identities.

The Haitian flag symbolizes liberation, resilience, and pride – values resonating deeply with the LGBTQ+ community. Today, let us celebrate Haitian Flag Day with a broader understanding, embodying the shared history of resistance and the united front for a diverse and inclusive future. Here’s to unfurling our rainbow-colored pride alongside the blue and red, cherishing the shared strength that ties us together!

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