Hey there, Rainbow Warrior! 🌟

Welcome to the kickoff of our Safe Schools Rainbow Roundtable series. Today, with Dr. Daniel Sheridan leading the charge, we’ll navigate the treacherous waters of online misinformation, especially for our young queer tribe. 🏳️‍🌈💡

Episode Highlights:

  • 💡 Historical Overview: Let’s rewind and discover the evolution of misinformation from the early days of the internet.
  • 📢 Real-Life Experiences: Hear firsthand from our panelists on how misinformation has impacted their lives and their communities.
  • 🛠️ Tools & Resources: Master the art of debunking! Our experts have the low down on the best tools and strategies.
  • 🔮 Future Outlook: The fight against misinformation is ongoing. Get insights on what the future might hold and how you can stay ahead.

In the age where everything’s online, knowing your facts from fiction is POWER. And who better to wield that power than our vibrant, young queer community? 🌟🌈

Join us. Let’s empower ourselves, debunk myths, and make the digital realm a safer space for all!

Much love and rainbow power,

The Safe Schools Rainbow Roundtable Team