FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Safe Schools South Florida Demands Justice and Protection for Transgender Student in Monarch High School Incident

In a recent and disconcerting development within the Broward County School System, several faculty members, including the principal of Monarch High School, have been reassigned. This action stems from the school’s decision to permit a transgender student to participate in the girls’ volleyball team—a decision that, in our view, should be celebrated for its inclusivity, not punished.

We are appalled by Broward Schools’ response. The reassignment of faculty is a measure typically reserved for the gravest of infractions. In this case, it is not only an overreaction but also a glaring misjudgment. Facilitating a young person’s participation in school activities, particularly in sports, is a commendable act that fosters inclusivity and acceptance, not one that warrants punitive measures.

Furthermore, the potential inadvertent outing of a minor, who may not have publicly disclosed their transgender status, is deeply troubling. Such actions can inflict irreversible psychological harm and betray the trust that every student should have in their educational institution. The privacy and dignity of this student, and all students, must be safeguarded with the utmost seriousness.

We urgently call upon Broward Schools to reconsider their approach to this matter. Any investigation or action taken should prioritize the well-being and privacy of the affected student. Safe Schools South Florida stands firmly against any form of discrimination or punitive action that targets inclusivity, especially when it involves vulnerable youth. We demand that, moving forward, Broward Schools handle such sensitive issues with the care and respect they deserve, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for all students.

To further understand our stance and efforts in this regard, we encourage you to watch the comments of our Executive Director, Scott Galvin, from a recent CBS4 television interview. Access the interview at For additional information about Safe Schools South Florida and our initiatives, please visit our website at You can also follow our latest updates and activities on social media by connecting with us at @safeschools1991 on various platforms.

By: Scott Galvin
Executive Director 

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