The Rainbow Report – Embracing Our Queer Heritage: Why We March with Pride 🌈

In the vibrant tapestry of LGBTQ+ history, Pride parades stand out as powerful expressions of our community’s journey from marginalization to celebration. These events, which now paint our cities with rainbows each year, started as acts of protest and defiance. They were born from the courage of those who dared to demand recognition and rights when doing so was unpopular and perilous. This history, rich with struggle and triumph, is why Safe Schools proudly participates in Pride parades and invites the next generation to join us in this ongoing journey of visibility and advocacy.

This year, we are excited to extend an invitation to two special events that encapsulate the spirit of Pride. First, we invite our over-21 supporters to an evening of celebration and solidarity at The Pub on the Drive in Wilton Manors on Friday, April 12th, at 9:00 PM. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the company of fellow community members, savor $6 Ketel cocktails and draft beers, and witness a mesmerizing performance by Joey Young, Pittsburgh’s pop drag superstar. This event is not just a prelude to the parade but a moment to gather, support, and prepare for the collective affirmation of our identities.

Then, on Sunday, April 14th, we march. Miami Beach Pride is a culmination of our collective efforts to live openly and authentically. This year, Safe Schools will be there, float and all, under the banner of an oversized Pride flag, boldly declaring our presence and message. We march not only to celebrate who we are but also to honor those who marched before us. These pioneers protested and risked their livelihoods, and in many cases, their lives, to carve out a space where we could stand today. They laid the groundwork for a world where we can march in defiance and celebration.

But why do we continue to march? It’s a question that echoes within our community, especially as Pride evolves. The answer lies in the dual nature of Pride as both a protest and a celebration. It is a testament to our history and a declaration of our future. By participating in Pride, Safe Schools chooses to actively remember our past struggles and contribute to the ongoing fight for justice and equality. It is a commitment to uphold the legacy of those who paved the way for our rights and ensure that future generations inherit a more accepting, loving, and equitable world.

Moreover, we invite students to join us, offering them a chance to be part of queer history. Through participation, they earn community service hours, but more importantly, they learn the value of visibility, advocacy, and community. They become part of a living history, contributing to the narrative of LGBTQ+ rights and understanding the significance of their place within it.

Pride started as a protest, and while it has blossomed into a celebration of our identities, the spirit of protest remains vital. It reminds us of our community’s resilience, diversity, and strength. Safe Schools marches in Pride parades to continue this legacy of activism and celebration, stand up for justice for our “queerkin,” and welcome every student into our vibrant history.

We march because we owe it to those who marched before us. We march because, in every step, we trace the path of our ancestors while paving the way for those who will follow. Join us in honoring this legacy, celebrating our diversity, and affirming our presence in the world as loudly and proudly as possible.

Join Safe Schools at The Pub on the Drive on April 12th and at Miami Beach Pride on April 14th. Let’s celebrate our history, our present, and our future. Together.

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By: Harold Marrero
Chief Operating Officer

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