Dear students,

As we bid adieu to this school year, we want to leave you with some thoughts to carry you into the summer 🌞.

Firstly, remember to be your authentic selves. Sometimes, showing the world who we truly are can feel scary, but we encourage you to explore those fears. What makes you uneasy about the future? What triggers you to hide your authenticities? Embrace these uncertainties, and lean into them, for it’s through these explorations that we often discover more about ourselves and our place in the world.

Summer offers the perfect setting for this personal exploration. Let it be a time of growth, exploration, and self-discovery.

Next, cherish the chosen families and friendships you’ve developed. You are part of a community that loves you for who you are πŸ€—. Even if you find yourself in a household that does not affirm or show kindness towards your identity, remember you are surrounded by a community that values and loves you.

Your worth is inherent and isn’t determined by what others think of you. You are important. You are loved. You are valid.

Finally, seek out those who nurture your spirit. If you feel unseen or unheard, there are organizations and community spaces that affirm and celebrate your identity 🌈. Connect with them. They can provide additional layers of support, education, and advocacy for your journey.

Remember, no matter where your path takes you this summer; you are not alone. You belong. You matter. Let the light of your authentic self shine all summer long β˜€οΈ.

Your journey of self-discovery is just beginning. May it lead you to exciting destinations filled with love, acceptance, and celebration of who you truly are.

Yours sincerely,

The Safe Schools Team