Dear Safe Schools Supporters and Advocates of American Freedom,

In the spirit of our nation’s enduring commitment to pluralism and diversity, we face a critical moment to uphold these values. HB 599 is not just a bill; it’s a challenge to the very ethos of American freedom, targeting the individual and religious rights of those who do not align with a narrow, evangelical, or conservative Christian view. This bill stands against the rich tapestry of beliefs and identities that make our nation vibrant and strong.

We cannot stand by as this bill seeks to undermine our nation’s commitment to diversity in human sexuality, gender expression, and marriage. It’s time to make our voices heard loud and clear: We are not okay with the anti-American tone of HB 599. It’s not just an infringement on individual rights; it’s an assault on the very principles of freedom and inclusivity that define us.

This is a call to action. Reach out to your local politicians through calls, emails, and letters. Tell them that you stand for a Florida that respects and celebrates diversity, not one that seeks to erase it under the guise of a misguided agenda. Your voice matters. Your actions can make a difference.

Click the button below to find your local representative. Let’s unite in this fight for the rights of all Floridians, for a future where every individual is respected and valued, irrespective of their views on sexuality, gender, and marriage. Together, we are a force for change, a beacon of hope, and a testament to the enduring power of American freedom and diversity.

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Together, we will safeguard our liberties and champion a society that truly embodies the spirit of pluralism and inclusivity. Let’s stand united for the rights and dignity of all.


The Safe Schools Team

Subject: Urgent Concern Regarding HB 599 in Florida

Dear [Elected Official’s Name],

I am writing to you as a concerned citizen of Florida, deeply troubled by the proposed HB 599. This bill, aimed at regulating personal titles and pronouns in employment and nonprofit settings, poses a serious threat to the principles of freedom of speech, religion, and the cherished American value of separation of church and state.

As a supporter of the ethos of pluralism and diversity that define our great nation, I am alarmed at how HB 599 undermines these fundamental values. The bill’s impact on nonprofit organizations, especially LGBTQ+-affirming churches and other religious institutions, is not just concerning – it is a direct challenge to the diverse fabric of our society. It restricts the ability of these entities to foster inclusivity and understanding, which is essential for a society that respects all individuals, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

Moreover, HB 599 contradicts the principles of personal freedom and expression. It seems to favor a conservative interpretation of Christianity, attempting to impose this perspective on the entirety of Florida’s diverse population. This approach is not only exclusionary but also detrimental to the pluralistic ethos we hold dear in America.

I urge you to consider the far-reaching implications of HB 599. It is an overreach of state power into personal freedoms and the functioning of nonprofit organizations and religious institutions. This bill does not reflect the inclusive, respectful, and diverse society that Florida strives to be.

Please stand with the people of Florida in opposing HB 599. Let us work together to ensure our state remains a place where diversity is celebrated and individual freedoms are respected.

Thank you for your attention to this crucial matter.


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Dear [Recipient Name],

As a resident of Florida and a firm believer in the values of freedom and diversity that our state and nation stand for, I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the proposed HB 599. This bill, which aims to regulate the use of personal titles and pronouns in workplaces and nonprofits, represents a significant departure from our foundational principles of speech, religion, and the separation of church and state.

HB 599’s restrictions are not just regulatory oversteps but direct affronts to the inclusive and pluralistic society we cherish. Nonprofit organizations, including LGBTQ+-affirming churches and other religious institutions, are vital to the fabric of our communities. They should be empowered to promote understanding and inclusivity, not hindered by restrictive and exclusionary legislation.

The essence of HB 599 contradicts the American ethos of diversity and personal freedom. By favoring a specific conservative Christian viewpoint, this bill threatens to impose a singular belief system on Florida’s richly diverse populace. Such an approach is not only exclusionary but fundamentally un-American.

I implore you to oppose HB 599 and to stand up for the values that make Florida and our nation great. Our state should be a beacon of diversity, inclusivity, and respect for individual rights, not a place where such values are compromised.

Thank you for considering my views on this critical issue. I trust that you will make a decision that upholds the principles of freedom and diversity that are the hallmarks of our great state.


[Your Name]