As we soak in the afterglow of this past Sunday’s spectacular ‘Love Out Loud’ Drag Brunch, we at Safe Schools can’t help but feel overwhelmed with joy, gratitude, and the beautiful reminder of what community truly means.

Our first shout-out goes to the exceptional staff and management of the Hard Rock Cafe Miami. Their unwavering dedication to hosting this event and helping us raise funds for the Robert E. Loupo, Jr. ‘Legacy of Change’ Scholarship has been nothing short of inspiring. It’s not merely a drop in the ocean but ripples of change that have the power to reach far and wide, touching the lives of our scholars and echoing through generations.

But what’s a drag brunch without our fabulous queens? The dazzling local Miami drag queens bedazzled us all with their passion, charisma, and fabulous performances. Lighting up our stage and warming our hearts, they showed us yet again that love, in all its vibrant colors, shines brightest.

A special token of gratitude is owed to the Miami-Dade Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Without their vision to bring Safe Schools and Hard Rock Cafe Miami together, this incredible partnership might not have been realized. This alliance has been like a harmonious chorus that resonates through our communities and schools, reminding us of the power of unity and shared objectives.

As we look ahead, we are filled with excitement about the future of our partnership with the Hard Rock Cafe Miami. We are committed to continuing our journey of creating positive change and safe spaces for our youth. This Sunday was just the beginning. We look forward to many more unforgettable moments filled with joy, laughter, mimosas, and milestones.

In conclusion, from every corner of our hearts, we thank you. Each and every one of you who supported, attended, performed at, and cheered on this event, are part of our story. Your support is the beat to our dance, the rhythm of our movements, and the melody of our song. It pushes us to keep moving forward toward a future filled with acceptance, celebration, and love.

Yours in gratitude,

The Safe Schools Team