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Services for Students

  • Youth Empowerment. We host Youth Leadership Summit and Gay Straight Alliance Empowerment Day activities to bring LGBTQ youth and their allies together to build positive self-perception, and empowered self-care, leadership and advocacy skills.
  • Youth Speaker Training. Youth speakers and panelists are an integral and compelling part of the Safe Schools Training Series, giving dimension, breadth and depth to the youth statistics that only hint at the struggle LGBTQ youth endure.
  • Youth Scholarships. The Robert E. Loupo, Jr. “Legacy of Change” Scholarship is for graduating seniors who are advocates and/or activists, dedicated to upholding the dignity, rights and equality of the entire LGBTQ community.

Scholarship Winners

  • 2017 – Asa Hussain, School for Advanced Studies
  • 2016 – Steven Espinoza, iPreparatory Academy
  • 2016 – Leo Haines, MAST Academy
  • 2015 – Laura Katz, Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School

GSA Leader of the Year

  • 2016 – Victor L. Mederos, Cutler Bay Senior High
  • 2016 – Leo Haines, MAST Academy
  • 2015 – Laura Katz, Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High
  • 2015 – Kimberly Blandon, Hialeah Gardens High School

Youth Ally of the Year

  • 2016 – Gabriele Cano, Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High
  • 2015 – Steven Espinoza, iPreparatory Academy

Community Organization Youth Leadership Award

  • 2016 – Abigail Barron, Pridelines Youth Services
  • 2016 – Cam Cano, Safe Schools South Florida, Living Rainbow and Krop GSA Spectrum
  • 2015 – Leo Haines, Pridelines Youth Services

Legacy Award

  • 2016 – Vanessa Hinde, Living Rainbow
  • 2015 – Jessica Murray, Living Rainbow

Wind Beneath Our Wings Award

  • 2016 – Maria Noya, MAST Academy
  • 2016 – Daniela Basail, Westland Hialeah Senior High